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A gentle cleanser specifically formulated for the face in a convenient foaming dispenser.
The only cleanser with Cl02 Complex to inactivate and remove allergens, irritants and germs that accumulate on the skin.
Dermatologist recommended.
Safe for all skin types.
Due to supply chain issues. we are forced to fill the Face Wash in an 8oz bottle. Normally 6oz. Please note that the product has not been leaked or missing.
Hopefully, this will be corrected in future shipments.
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5 reviews for Foaming Face Wash 6 oz

  1. Dr. Mel R. (verified owner)

    I have struggled with acne and adult acne for most of my life and have tried many different products in my quest for clear skin. With the traditional prescription and OTC topical creams, my dermatologist and I had my skin about 85% clear. Having recently heard about Aseptic MD, my dermatologist suggested I try it to see if we could get my face to 100%. With little expectation for improvement (years of trying the newest, greatest face product would make anyone more than a little skeptical) I ordered the face wash. The first time I washed my face, I knew this is what I’ve been looking for. I have only used the face wash for a week, but my skin feels so amazing and soft, and it’s starting to look amazing too. I never thought I would look forward to washing my face, haha! I was planning to go through the entire bottle before leaving a review, just to be sure this wasn’t too good to be true, but I am a believer! If my improvement continues at this rate, I may even be able to replace the prescription and OTC topical creams completely with Aseptic MD, and I will for sure be trying the rest of their products. Thank you, Aseptic MD!

  2. Abby (verified owner)

    After several years of trying to get rid of my acne I finally found my holy grail product! My face is prone to acne and very sensitive. I was on Accutane for months and it helped wonderfully with my cystic acne but for the traditional pimple they come and go. After 2 weeks of using this face wash, once in the morning and once at night, it cleared up my whole face! I was so impressed with the results that I have purchased this product 3 times already. I have used every face wash from high end to drugstore and will never use anything but ASEPTIC MD FACE WASH.

  3. Kamryn Rogers

    I love love love this face wash!! It’s the best!! It is the only face wash I have used and it’s actually cleared up my skin!! I will never use another face wash again!

  4. Hannah rogers

    Seriously the BEST face wash ever! I’m dying to use their other products but I would even have to. I was on 2 topical creams, and a pill for my acne. But now that I use aseptic md I haven’t needed any of my medicating for my acne. Seriously the best!!

  5. Heather Aldrich (verified owner)

    As a woman in perimenopause, my skin started acting weird. I have never had acne before and this face wash came recommended by a PA at my dermatologist’s office. I use nothing else now. It helps calm my skin and heals it quickly.

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