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Use at night to spot treat a small area to create a healing environment.
Clinical strength. Gentle, hypoallergenic and fragrance-free. 
Supports the natural defenses of the skin against allergens and germs.
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3 reviews for Target Serum 2 oz

  1. Carol Selassie (verified owner)

    I’ve tried everything for breakouts on my nose. Benzoyl peroxide beaches clothing and linens, salicylic acid makes my skin continuously peel and look red. The Aseptic MD Target Serum keeps the sebum from turning into blackheads and breaking out, without excessive drying. I prefer the serum to the toner and the facial wash as the toner seems a bit sticky and the facial wash does not seem to work as well as the serum applied twice a day on my aging skin. Thank you for this innovative product!

  2. Audie

    I have tried absolutely everything for KP. This is the ONLY product that works. I use a very small amount after cleansing and toning with Aeseptic MD body wash and Toner. My skin is super smooth and hardly no new KP after only 1 month of use. Truly amazing product that actually works! Thank you for finally giving me the skin I’ve always dreamed of. I wish I would have known about this product sooner, it has absolutely changed my skin.


    I have a wound that will not heal and am dealing with a wound care that has been treating it for almost a year. I have used this on the other leg without them knowing and it is all healed up and now that I don’t have any I am going to use it on my left leg as I am sick and tired of going through this with puracol patches, and all this and that.

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